Griffin Windowseat 3 Handsfree Set

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Mount your compatible mobile phone on your vehicle's dashboard, window or windshield with this Griffin Technology WindowSeat kit that includes a 3-point mounting bracket and rubber cushions to ensure your device is secure.
List Price: ₦10,200
Price: ₦9,588

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Product Features

Compatible with select mobile phones

Allowing you to mount your device on your vehicle's dash, windshield or window.

3-point mounting bracket

Adjusts to the size of your compatible mobile phone. Top bracket conveniently allows you to snap your phone in or out with a single movement. Mechanisms allow separate adjustment of height and width.

Friction-lock ball-and-socket joint

Allows you to adjust to the correct angle and lock the arm in place.

Rubber cushion grips

Secure your phone in the mounting bracket.

Heavy-duty lever-action suction pad

Keeps your device and the bracket in place.